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I spent a week in early October 2017 visiting family and friends in Michigan, during which the autumn colors were beginning to peak. As I was about to stare my tour north, a praying mantis stopped by for a brief visit. The first few tree photos come from a walk with family along the Flint River in Flushing, where the colors were starting and there had been scattered forest fairy structures installed along the walking trail. Later that day, I visit friends near Long Lake and Traverse City, where colors mirrored onto the lake waters behind their home. As I was preparing to leave to visit other friends and family, a walking stick mounted itself on my gas cap cover, I assume to remind me that I needed gas. Later, in Cadillac I stopped to watch a sunset over Lake Mitchell. Then, when traveling south I stopped at a hillside overlook near McBain where changing leaves shown on trees in the distance. Next I visit with a MSU friend and traveling companion from years ago and his wife, where took a couple of dog walks with them and sometimes one of their cats in the forest surrounding their home. The visit included a walk along a wild flower patch a neighbor was producing. This forest reminded me of Winnie the Pooh's 100 acre wood, with many trees displaying interesting personalities. The winding wild grape vine was not something I had seen before. I think Ents may visit this forest sometimes. Finally, I spent some time revisiting MSU where I spend many good years. The trees along the Red Cedar River were starting to show color. In all, it was a visually and spiritually fine visit to Michigan.

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