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This unique National Monument is about half way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, then abut 5 miles west of Cochiti Pueblo. The Cochiti part of the name comes from "white cliffs" and the the tent rocks part of the name has an obvious derivation that can be seen in the photos. These "hoodoo" tents are formed from layers of volcanic ash deposited 6 - 7 million years ago, which then compacted into tuff. Boulders in and on the top of the tuff slowed the erosion of the underlying tuff forming these hoodoos. About a mile long slot canyon trail, in places less than 3-feet wide, cuts through these rock formations. In the fourth photo (0523), the west end of the slot canyon can be see behind two hikers in the photo. The light in the narrowest part of the canyon was not suitable for photos, so I need to add photos of the slot another time.

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