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These photos are from a new National Wildlife Refuge south of Albuquerque along the Rio Grande. The first photo is of an excavated pond shortly west of the most SW parking area on the refuge. Taking the trail starting near the NW edge of this pond leads to the Rio Grande and the start at the north end of a high-flow side channel excavated along the east edge of the river. Rio Grande flow during this visit was about 2500 cfs. At this flow the high flow- channel provides many area of excellent quiet water spawning, resting, and grow up habitat for any fish species seeking or needing such habitat to recruit young fish into their populations ... or just to escape the flow themselves. The photos of the flooded channel are intended to show the general condition of this channel habitat and it connections to the river that may be compared to future visits and those conditions. A couple of photos also show larval fish (mere "threads with eyeballs") that were observed in sandy areas along channel during this visit. Note, the photos may be downloaded for your use, but please provide credit.

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DSCN0458DSCN0460DSCN0461DSCN0462DSCN0463DSCN0465DSCN0466DSCN0467DSCN0469DSCN0471DSCN0475Larval RGSM (assumed)