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Dad was born in 1913, so when he was drafted in August 1943 at the age of 30, he was an “older” soldier, which may be why he ended up with the support troops instead of being among the combat troops. Like many returning from war, Dad did not talk about his time in Europe much, but when I would go through the photos shown here with him, he did tell me about some of his experiences. I learned that much of his time was spent behind the lines in supply efforts. Later in the war, and when it was over, he was assigned to drive officers around Europe. In reading his discharge papers I newly learned that he spent 4 plus months on antiaircraft duty, which had to include his time during the D-Day Normandy landing. These papers also report that he was involved in the Normandy, Northern France, and Rhineland Campaigns. I vaguely recall him once telling me that he had for a time been assigned to string telephone lines somewhere near the front line. This photo set show first Dad with the solders with whom he completed basic training. This set also includes selection of a few photos of him in various locations, which I assume are mostly from a period after the Victory in Europe, VE-Day. In a few we see him in camp and in one appearing to be writing, perhaps a message home, which might have been one of the two I include here. This set concludes with a few photos from the Florida National Cemetery, his final resting place.

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Dick Marcus(non-registered)
Thanks for doing this Mike. A great tribute on Memorial Day. Your cousin, Dick
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