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What you will find: This site holds photos of what I have found visually interesting from my various wanderings, near and far. Throughout my life, my eyes continually pick up on special combinations among the dynamic play of light, color, and form that surrounds all of us, attracting my attention and sometimes fascination. When handy, my camera lens often points in those directions. This has resulted in a large archive of photos, many of which I hope will eventually show up here.  Of those, many that are posted here likely are best classified as snapshots of times and places I want to see again and some other folks might too. Other photos could be classified as post card quality that might draw special attention from some folks. Maybe a few are starting to fringe on being artsy or maybe somehow special.  Likely none will ever achieve the category of fine art. Then, again, perhaps someday ….

Why here: On Aug 5, 2014, I responded to a special introductory offer from Zenfolio, and started this photo site. Previously, I had been for a number of years posting photos on Flickr, but that site never really clicked for me. I found annoying the way that uploaded photos in its Photostream posted in the reverse order to the way they were organized in Lightroom, my main photo cataloging and editing program. Also, annoying was their removal of Collections from the top menu bar.  Over time, my posting there steadily declined, with photos continuing to pile up in Lightroom.  After exploring other options, I was drawn to Zenfolio because of the apparent simplicity and diversity of webpage templates available, the ability to have hierarchical folders addressed that need of mine, the cost is reasonable, plus this included blog area, where you are reading this, was an appealing bonus, because I like to write, to tell stories. 

I put off starting again to pile photos on any online site due to the demands on my brain space due to my day job, as well as other distractions due to my diverse interests. Moving my life during the past year to the category of semi-retired has opened some time to do other things. As such, the above offer from Zenfolio pushed me again to start moving a selection of my photos from my hard drive into the web’s hyperspace cloud.

So far, I have found that Zenfolio easily allows display and organization of the uploaded photos, as well as changing how the webpages “look and feel.” Since I have not been here for very long, I am still learning how to make the organization process easier and how to make the site look and feel better.  As my welcome message says, this is a learning experience for me, so let me know how the site works for you and how it could be better.  Thanks for visiting and any comments you care to leave.

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